Rainbows 2-5

Welcome to the Rainbow Room
For children from 2 to 5 years old with a team of five staff and ratios of:  

  • one adult to four children up to the age of three years.
  • one adult to eight children from three to five years.

and a key person dedicated to your child's care and well-being.

Never a dull day
The Rainbow Room is home to our older children as they grow.  We also welcome all the family - as well as frequent small visitors from the Sunshine Room.  The atmosphere is bright and lively, and there's always something fun and interesting to do.
The age range in our room allows the toddlers to watch and learn from the older children.  And the older children love to play their role as big brothers and sisters.
Every day we work with all the children to: 

  • build confidence and independence
  • help them look after each other
  • nurture individuality and creative spirit
  • encourage making plenty of mess and learning to tidy it up together!

Dance! Dance! Dance!

Sarah from Dancing tots visits the Rainbow Room every other week to lead a creative dance session for the children.

We have a selection of parents who volunteer to do creative activities with the children each term.

Your child's needs first
We try to fit in with your child's individual preferences while still preparing them for their next steps onto school.  You're the expert on your child, your family and your culture.  Our priority is to support your choices, so that we look after your child the way you'd like.

  •  Food  Healthy and tasty meals and snacks, varied menus with vegetarian options, provision for different cultural and other special dietary requirements.  Named water bottles for the children to drink from at any time of day.
  • Sleep  Usually after lunch for children who need a regular sleep - or any time for any child when it all gets too much.
  • Potties and beyond  When you and your child decide that the time is right, we're on hand to offer help and advice with moving out of nappies - and making it a fun and confidence-boosting experience.


Settling In
Whether your child is new to us or moving up from the Sunshine Room, they can have as many visits as they need.  Getting to know their key person, meeting the other staff and making friends with the other children until they feel at home. 
 It's important for parents and carers to feel comfortable too, so we invite you to come and play with your child in the Rainbow Room.